The design process works in five stages and will ensure that your outdoor space matches your expectations and enhances your home.

A beautiful house is as much about its surroundings and purpose as it is about its architecture – we remember the need to negotiate with the surroundings, sometimes using them and sometimes screening them, but always remembering them.

Matthew will take the time to understand your space and create something functional, complemented by up-to-date planting schemes and balancing the architecture of the building and personality of the house.

1. Consultation

The ultimate luxury for our clients is time and we believe that the foundation of any successful project is building a solid understanding of the client’s ambitions for their garden. In this initial consultation, Matthew will meet with you, view the space and find out more about your specific wants and needs.

2. Conceptual design

Following this initial consultation, our team will begin working on design concepts, precedent images, mood boards and sketches which will all factor in your specific requirements and allow you to visualise the finished product. Once the look and feel has been developed and decided upon, we will then move on to producing a master plan.

3. Master Plan

Based on the look and feel decided upon, our team will create a master plan which adheres to your ambitions for the project. We will then consider the size and scale of the space, and present preliminary design options to you which will then inform the finalised detailed drawing.

4. Detailed Drawings

Our design team will produce detailed construction drawings which our contractors will use to fully understand the scale of the work required. These drawings will incorporate each element of the space, from paving finishes right through to lighting choices, to ensure that our contractors are able to accurately cost the project based on these specifications.

5. Construction

We work closely with a select group of industry professionals to ensure that your outdoor space is built to the very highest of standards. We will ensure that all construction work is expertly project managed and that the end result reflects your design expectations.


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